A common issue is the mat often needs to be replaced ideally at the end of the season and the pan may also need to be cleaned of the mineral build up (calcium, Iron & magnesium being the bigger offenders). The fan did stop turning thus the reason I disassembled to clean fan and make sure motor was clear of debris. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. The drippers then drip onto an accordion type filter and yes the fan pulls the moisture out for cool air. In a properly working air conditioner, a fan will draw air over the evaporator coils, where it is cooled, and then be re-circulated back into the room. When you use cooling tower fans to move cold air through your home, you can save energy by not cranking your central air conditioning system all the time.. Finding the best cold air fan for your home isn’t an easy task. Checked continuity of 40 amp blower fuse; it's okay. You might not like a fan blowing on you as you sleep, but I imagine you hate stale air more. This article series describes in detail the testing and diagnosis of problems with air conditioning fans and with forced warm air heating blower fans found in the air handler or AHU. shellietheleo. Posted on January 25, 2018 February 11, 2020 by Steve Arnold — 18 Comments Top 10 Reasons Why the Blower Fan Motor will not come on. If the light fails to light or the breaker/fuse pops again? Nothing is stuck at all. Repair guides and support for all household mechanical fans including ceiling, box, tower, and stand fans. Good luck. But I have since then cleaned it all to make sure. At this point I think you'll need to find someone local who can help you trace out the electrical circuit of the unit. Maybe the fan is not fantastic. I'm dealing with this at work at the moment, oddly. Motors do wear out! The wires together work as a complete circuit and in case any of them snaps from the constant heating and then cooling then the circuit may get broken and may stop giving off heat. If you put the same paper on the other side of the fan does it move at all? Also you were right the drippers were clogged but I have cleared them out also, How do i see if motor has gone out it does not doin the can any longer powet or no power I know that is a fact, Sorry I meant it does not turn the fan which is fact power or no power, 06/15/2019 by The darn thing just had no power at all. Rotated all the unmarked relays around in the junction box. A common misconception is that the blades will fly away but gravity holds them in place. There is a hose connected inside the cavity there is a water pump that drops into the bin once the bin is replaced inside with water. ... After both of us standing under the new fan and lighting matches to see which way it was blowing etc. The other problem is the drippers at the top of the mats can also get clogged as well as the level float and the circulatory motor. Another possible, but rare, cause of an inoperative blower is a faulty dashboard fan/blower switch. This fan has no belts or pulleys. Once done, make sure your fan (without the blades of course) is resting properly and securely as we are going to power it up. Or packing material/film still on the back? The motor has nothing to do with the power coming on does it? I did notice there was small amounts of water near the area of the motor? If the fan isn’t running at all or there is warm air blowing it’s time to troubleshoot: The Fan Doesn’t Start At All. Make sure you can hand turn the motor (belt) is it tight? With fan off, a blade is tilted. My honeywell quiet oscillating fan HY-108 is not blowing air. Add to Wish List. Yes, the outlet works with a light plugged into same outlet. If the fan doesn’t start up at all it could be something as simple as a setting on the thermostat. All fans are not created equal design-wise. Then it stopped blowing with forced air the fan stooped moving but I felt à very small amout of air whether on low or hi it was very little air. Air Conditioners > Portable Air Conditioners; Air Conditioners > System 1 Air Conditioners; Air Conditioners > Casement Air Con; ... ERF 7161T 16” Retro Stand Fan (Red/Creme) - 8 Years Motor Warranty.. $109.90 . But it's not blowing air out the other side either. A common cause of window air conditioners not blowing any air is a restricted air filter. Look at the place where the fan exits the house through a grill. There's a Mode button to select some annoying Start-then-Stop cycle, but it doesn't change the direction. He has used a flexible vent rather than the … It moves and does everything else, but I don't feel any - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Could you check this in a couple different outlets in the house? To tell if the fan is turning in the correct direction: Looking at the front of the fan (where air "should" be blowing in your face). If you’re claustrophobic – you always worry about suffocating or experience irrational fears when you’re sleeping alone in your bedroom, the noise from a fan can help prevent that. Turned it off. Blower: Doesn't Blow Air . This unit had a bad capacitor that I replaced. Add to Compare. If your plug keeps falling out, you may want to replace the receptacle for a nice, tight fit. Fans can help circulate air across a room thus providing a constant fresh air. Make sure that the power is turned on and that the settings are calling for ‘cooling’. It's not a unit or industrial type made out of metal. Waited a day turned it back on and no water spitting out. The Gala approaches! Doesn't seem to be. I have checked everything for clog or kink or hole & all is clear. Check to see if the motor and the pulleys are not binding up (bearing seised), EssickAir -Evaporative Coolers learn more. All posts copyright their original authors. If you pull off the belt is the fan loose or tight? Yes, the outlet works with a light plugged into same outlet. So it could just need a new motor. The moisture pulls the heat out of the air which then is pushed into the house. Ok this has a bottom bin plastic that pulls out . Don't make sense to me at all. 06/12/2019 by This video shows how to perform diagnostics on an home air conditioner unit. Hi, my AC unit is not blowing a lot of air through the vents. When the blower fan won't start the problem could be something as simple as a blower compartment door that is not fully closed, or a clogged condensate drain. If it doesn't, then maybe the fan just isn't spinning very fast. Blower still does not work. Connect and power up the fan motor. If there is done truck for reversing it, that might help you figure it out (or figure if it's a feature for people who want air circulation but not the turbulence of it blowing at them at high velocity). If I hold a sheet of paper flat on my hands in front of it, the paper is unmoved, even on the High setting; I feel no cooling holding my face an inch from it. You talk about not having power so if you have a working light and plugged it in to the outlet the motor uses does the light not come on? I don't understand this. CAUSE: Another common reason for room heater not blowing hot air is broken heater coil. The spring hold it closed until the force of the blower's are forces it open. I assume this is so the natural spinning doesn't loosen it. A failing blower motor will not do its part to push air through the ducts and in your space. shellietheleo. loopyshaz222 , Try and disassemble the fan as much as you can and use vacuum/compressed air to blow out all the dust/lint/etc. Links below may help. If you have a belt driven blower motor fan and the fan is not blowing any air through the vents, then it is possible that the belt may have become worn over time, moved out of place or become damaged. Could water have blown the motor and how would this affect the power coming on and lights powering on when plugged in? It seems to run fine: the blade spins fast and it makes a healthy noise. is there a switch that changes which direction the blades rotate? If your blower is not blowing air, check the following parts in your appliance: the impeller nut, fan, and tubes. 5. Terms — Tower fans that blow cold air are great options if you need a fan to efficiently circulate the air your air conditioner produces. 16 INCH STAND FAN (1) Apply 16 INCH STAND FAN filter 2-IN-1 DEHUMIDIFIER (1) Apply 2-IN-1 DEHUMIDIFIER filter 3-IN-1 DEHUMIDIFIER (1) Apply 3-IN-1 DEHUMIDIFIER filter The rear edge of the blade should lead the front edge if it is going in the correct direction. Or - could have been manufactured incorrectly? The hose goes all the way ti the too where yes there are drippers. This machine uses water so I assumed it to be normally damp in some areas. But now the dang thing will not power on for me to see if it will work now. For the last year my ceiling fan didn't blow air, we just used it for the noise. You can check for this problem by listening to the AC unit when it … @shellioness. Learn more details and find out ways to participate, I just bought and assembled a pedestal fan. In your case it sounds like the drippers got clogged and have sprayed water into the fan which is what you felt the water or the float got stuck up and the water level got too high at which point the safety system kicked in. If that's the case your breaker (fuse) had popped! I took apart to look and don't see anything but I smelled a burning of sort and the motor was warm. Blower still does not work. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. that may have accumulated from base vents/motor and the loop to help bring back it's efficiency. Accessibility. In fact if you put a piece of paper in front of the fan it almost seems to be sucking it in. It was fine but the motor was hot & I smelled a burning component smell before disassembly. The darn thing just had no power at all. And lastly the fan’s can fail. Of course then, if the blower motor has failed, the blower won't work. Any chance the airflow is blocked from the back, maybe up against a wall or piece of furniture? 1. What brand is it? I put it all back together the same way it wad & it turned in but after turning it off again because fan still wasn't turning now the power will not work at all. If the light does stay on, with the wall switch turned off try plugging in the motor again did the motor start up after trying the switch again? From the sounds of it you will need at least a new motor as the water dripping on it has damaged it. Is it possible that each blade rotates, and may need to be rotated the rest of the way into place? As Newton said, every force has an opposite and equal force. I have a Comfort Zone CZTC309 Fan and Tower Air Cooler evaporative. To tell if the fan is turning in the correct direction: Can you post a detailed picture, taken from an angle? I checked circuit board and all 2 wires are connected there is no loose wires the lower cord is free of kinks and exposed wired. AC not blowing? Check Your Furnace Blower Fan. That is not true because the blades of the fan do not have enough thrust to actually move the weight of the fan. I'm baffled. I would contact ComportZone to see if they offer parts for your unit. shellietheleo Because the fan is pushing air particles to the front, the fan should move backwards. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button. But before you reset it (or replace the fuse) unplug the motor and just have the light plugged in. Just had a Kitchen Aid 600CFM Under cabinet Range hood installed. It did have power but no longer. Maybe a problem with the motor. Over time, vibrations from a fan motor can loosen a plug from an older outlet, so check this first. You'll need to get an electrician in to fix the circuit. It's not a unit or industrial type made out of metal. If the fans are covered in dust and dirt, the blades are likely not rotating at optimum speed, which will hamper airflow. But the air is not coming out strong and cold. If it does and is pushed away from the fan then something is backwards, either the blades (which you have eliminated) or maybe the motor. The blade itself mounts with a tumbscrew which is remarkable in that that turns anti-clockwise to tighten. If you hear a humming sound but the fan isn’t working, that’s a sign your fan is getting electricity. This is a stand alone tower evaporative air cooler made by comfort zone. If the fuse is faulty, the motor will rotate, mine did. A mat which is kept wet in front of a fan that sucks the air across the mat. But the power was working & now it is not I don't understand what power had to do with fan not working. Model number KHTU705SSS The contractor says he has hooked everything up correctly but the hood is blowing air down onto the range not sucking it up. Two days ago I felt water spitting out of the front where the fan usually blows cool air. Not very effective in dense cities, or more humid environments. Maybe this one is wired backwards. If you don't have the manual, Google whatever info you have about the fan or see if there's a manufacturer website you can check. Blower Motor Fan Belt Problem. There is no battery to operate the blower. All filters were clean and free from debris, no calcium build up, hoses free of debris and just actually a clean machine because I keep it clean so it wouldn't go out on me. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — We hear the motor outside working, and there are no bad smells. Our guide will help you identify the problem accurately and walk you through the repair process. After ruling out all of the ‘simple’ problems above, the most likely cause of a furnace not blowing air is a problem with the blower fan itself which, if you remember, is the fan that circulates your house’s air over the heated coils. The original problem was that it spit water out of an vents it oscillates while it's in and I felt water but I've cleaned the thing and now can't get it to turn back on. The most common cause of window air conditioners not blowing cold air is a lack of adequate air flow. This is a stand alone tower evaporative air cooler made by comfort zone. Evaporative coolers (Swamp Cooler) are great in very dry climates! Checked for battery at the blower, when the car is running. This fan has no belts or pulleys. In any case the motor and the belt/pulleys may need to be replaced. The fan turns when I manually turn it. That way you know the line is good. If it is sucked toward the fan, then I have no idea. Join 6,470 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Blower fans push air through the ducts of your AC system. Yes, the heat that the unit removes from the inside air has to go somewhere. I have an oscillating fan that is running on the highest settings but even right up in front of it you can barely notice air moving. Or did the breaker/fuse pop again? Having seen this multiple times before, and as someone who used to repair vintage fans and sell them... Have you tried reading the manual? Oh, and: what's behind the fan? The outside coil gives up that heat to the air that is pulled through it by the outdoor fan. In a properly working air conditioner, a fan will draw air over the evaporator coils, where it is cooled, and then be re-circulated back into the room. They do need a bit of TLC! It did have power but no longer. However, if I point the fan. Failed Blower Motor - The blower motor is the heart of the blower and, as one might guess, it drives the blower wheel which in turn, blows air. If … What happened and can j fix it. Why would this happen and how do they expect a fan to work if it uses water but water can get around mechanical and power components. 9. There is usually a spring activated damper there. The blade turns anti-clockwise. Rotated all the PDC relays around, they have the same ID, other than ABS pump. Today it will not power on. If it did not, it might also be that point “C” was used instead of “B”, since you could not know which terminal it was. There's only one problem: it doesn't seem to move any air. The rear edge cuts the air and pushes it toward you. You may need to patch or replace the pan due to freezing cracking it. SOLUTION: Check if there are any breaks in the line after opening up the case. Furnaces, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps It just won't power on.