One of the most affordable in its segment, this versatile 7-seater exudes a dynamic appeal unexpected of MPVs. .��}�p�>%^�Mb�$��q���\�p�cۨF�I-�����V��+}����}�֧Ƣo7�����9h�o��%Ky�������:9���M�X=��}�|Z��U�iV�:�諒D0���^"�%�ܮ "�B��&>��O�u��Lܣx���&�?u�\�s4�����h48B�PY��&�͍��/�M�����%�����#�I��{!z��~74�)����O��.v������,~�)�:~5��y޳����*j����>C%!7%�'���3Q� �) L x W x H: 4634 x 1866 x 1655 mm Up to 7 seater. X�Ҟz�� Renault Espace IV (Phase II) 2006 - 2010 Minivan, MPV Power: from 120 to 241 Hp | Dimensions: 4656 x 1860 x 1728 mm: Renault Grand Espace IV: 2002 - 2006 Minivan, MPV Power: from 120 to 241 Hp | Dimensions: 4861 x 1860 x 1746 mm: Renault Espace IV: 2002 - 2006 Minivan, MPV Power: from 120 to 241 Hp | Dimensions: 4661 x 1860 x 1728 mm: Renault Grand Espace III (JE, Phase II) Engines. One-Touch Folding Control The first-in-class One-Touch Folding rear seat control offers greater ease and flexibility in extending loading space for up to 1.9m in length, catering to your family’s every active lifestyle. Prices & versions. Design. See the table below for a comprehensive list of dimensions for the Renault Scenic 2008 including the height, width, length and more for each vehicle. Renault Grand Scenic (2009 - 2016) Specs & Dimensions. Let yourself be swept away by the modern, aerodynamic and elegant styling. Diese Baureihe wurde nur fünf Jahre produziert, was wirklich schade ist. New Renault Arkana 2021. ����(���\ú �kpr_N����vXv�Τp,\8j���\JW+��v��1и�p�ۣ��dL�=�Ma�v��1�Ѧ�@�Й��K��`���tz�&��n�8:�+�Yh:楩])�tL�O��ہ}��;Ү$cB��x���\�\i�a�ȸH�o����a��~~+=��,����"(9��E3T����P�*U�*rA��|!������/d��L�\�m��a�d��a}�������-"6��+�� ��˄� }v�|�Rψ�$˄�]C=P�,D�[�B$9��� ܿV!QsD��L*�-w�ȥv%qA�"D*��6�俈h"n����cF����#! endstream endobj 17 0 obj <>stream u7��p�����uf�/Tf�'���_�����7����۽� �C(������l���/uU�c�+�p}�o�*�FLb$�#�!d�n\��y����Φ�S Credits : dr . Publication Date : June 5, 2013. Notice also the plus sign to access the comparator tool where you can compare up to 3 cars at once side by side. ,�bSA��dT��E6�*`������Yi���?���׍ ]����R��9���]�;�m'D*g?����"�Lֹ���$G�I�+��leZ��n���=�^�g2�� �����Wa�>�"�H�Z��{1d@4�5��P��|� View the gallery. Site CarUraC vous présente les dimensions et poids standards. The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car is 1620mm across all variants. The Renault accessories, specially designed for your Renault, make your journey simply unique every day. RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 dCi Hybrid Assist Dynamique Nav 5dr (2016-2018) RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 dCi Hybrid Assist Dynamique S Nav 5dr (2016-2018) RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 dCi Hybrid Assist Signature Nav 5dr (2016-2018) RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 dCi Limited 5dr EDC (2014-2015) RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 dCi Limited Energy 5dr [Start Stop] (2014-2015) Renault Kadjar. Renault Scenic interior dimensions; Headroom (front/rear) 918mm/869mm: Boot space (seats up) 572 litres The width is 1810mm across all variants. H���;o�0�w� Renault Grand SCENIC in detail. *Price does not include the cost of optional paint or dealer delivery charges. Design The 7-seater family vehicle. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to allow Renault S.A.S and its partners to use cookies to analyse the site's operation and effectiveness and to display ads tailored to your interests and interactions via social networks. endstream endobj 16 0 obj <>stream New Renault Koleos 2020. Like the previous model, a larger seven-seat Grand Scenic will also be available. Den Renault Scenic 2021 fahren. Length, height, width, etc. CLASS-LEADING FUEL EFFICIENCY OF 25KM/L . Discover its dimensions in detail. Equipment. Die 2. Tā pilnībā izmainītās virsbūves proporcijas un jutīgās, precīzi izteiktās formas piesaista skatienus. Starting with “shoes”: 20 inch rims very large impact on its image. ���4\�dE�G>�L��p���AD۶툥��ct��vo����z[�i��~*4�n���b7&w�b7�k�BC��2��{'���Y���4� Vous pouvez trouver aussi dimensions de votre voiture. Einschließlich der Angaben zu Spritverbrauch, Kofferraumvolumen, PS und CO2-Emissionen für alle Modelle - 4 New Renault Grand Scénic: Dimensions Share on: x. Each trim has multiple variations and with this info, you can find the full details about the Renault Grand Scenic Estate. Download the brochure ; Compare the technical specifications of the different Grand SCENIC versions. Explore new dimensions of practicality. Ausstattung aussuchen für Renault Grand Scenic 2017: Achtung! Read review covering Renault Grand Scenic boot space, size and dimensions, front and rear seat comfort by the expert What Car? Renault, minivenu radītājs un jaunas automobiļu izmantošanas metodes izgudrotājs, lepojas ar to, ka iepazīstināja tevi ar Jauno GRAND SCENIC. Interior storage areas 90 92 Wheel repair kit location 33 - DIMENSIONS (mm) A Overall length 4 573 B Wheelbase 2 770 ... DIMENSIONS NEW RENAULT GRAND SCENIC. Dimensions et poids pour Renault Grand Scenic. test team. Renault Grand SCENIC does not compromise size for style. Discover its dimensions in detail. Take care of yourself! 2018 Renault Grand Scenic is Impressive and aggressive as a crossover, as versatile as a minivan (5 or 7 seats): the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic distorts the family minivan concept by focusing on a most intriguing aspect that comes close to the world of SUVs. Find out what salon filter you need? Sie erhalten dunkel getönte Fenster an den Seiten und am Heck, schwarz eingefasste [Artikel lesen. Der Renault Grand Scénic ist ein echter Verwandlungskünstler. The length is 4264mm across all variants. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers width, height and length. Ausgewählte Einträge anzuzeigen Werksgrößen-Räder, die anderen sind Ersatzoptionen IV (R9) [2016 .. 2021]: 1.2 TCe 114hp 1.2 TCe 130hp 1.5 dCi 109hp 1.6 dCi 129hp 1.6 dCi 158hp. Now you want to know all about it! L x W x H: 4489 x 1836 x 1613 mm Boot capacity: 472 dm 3. With all seven seats up, boot space is rather pokey, but in five-seat configuration, you get up to 596 litres of space, which extends to almost van-like proportions with them all down. The GRAND SCÉNIC’s 1.5L turbocharged engine … Accessories. Dimensions of interior filters for Renault Grand Scenic. ����Q׶�Ύ(���ˎ8�6�F:}��埦�%���\�R�����Ld*3�����L-�w#�I8vL���)�$���t�pl��T��_J��; 2V��Qam#����,Gݢ -�K���ubf����8�����}�%�`��R}�@|�!�{U.2�>�q�T3�&7i_�. Adoption of Wiztopic’s Blockchain Certification Platform. Dimensions: Will Renault Grand SCENIC fit in your garage? New Renault Espace 2020. The old version was stretched by just over 20cm in length – 7cm of which between the front and rear axles – in order to accommodate an extra pair of seats. "�C�M�p.�?\�|�����i~�[�E�-��#��o[��M�Wh�ߊ�g\���{�ͲY���wU={���� ��3 Review; Owner Reviews; Specs ; For Sale; Used Prices; On this page, select the Renault Grand Scenic Estate trim that you're looking for below. 2,736 mm (107.7 in) (Grand Scénic) Length: 4,259 mm (167.7 in) (Scénic) 4,493 mm (176.9 in) (Grand Scénic) Width: 1,811 mm (71.3 in) Height: 1,621 mm (63.8 in) (Scénic) 1,641 mm (64.6 in) (Grand Scénic) H���M��0���>&����Ȳ�H\�P$�C)i�(]�T��g�؉��ۨ��y=��7�l+��fJ 0��v�#4���U�ꡭ޵�d������ӯ�0�eJj���Sq���sN37� ��n�V�����FH�uwZ�(9���w�}�A��=O��O� GzL�X�BJR҅�!��g�)kV������!�S[ie��Q6m|X.hK��&h�q��@L"B���\��$8Y�#�`��L� Dimensions & specifications; BUILD YOURS BOOK A TEST DRIVE. With the help of Parkers, you can find out all of the key specs about the Renault Grand Scenic from fuel efficiency in MPG and top speed in MPH, to running costs, dimensions, data and lots more. Length, height, width, etc. Renault hat die Möglichkeit eines neuen Motors für den Renault Scenic 2021 nicht ausgeschlossen, aber da dieser neue Motor nicht offiziell angekündigt wurde, sehen Sie die Optionen, die bereits für das Modell erwartet werden:. Renault Grand Scenic 2004 - 2009 . Motor 1.6 mit 16V Hi-Flex mit einer Leistung von 110CV bis Benzin und 115CV bis Ethanol. Standard dimensions and weight of Renault Scenic. Mercedes-Benz Vito: Neue Motorenfamilie und Pakete ab März. More innovative, safe and intuitive, they are at your service to make your life easier. Choose a Renault Grand Scenic 3 Phase 2 version from the list below to get information about engine specs, horsepower, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, dimensions, tires size, weight and many other facts. Sitzreihe ist im Verhältnis ⅓ zu ⅔ verschiebbar und lässt sich dank One-Touch-Bedienung auf Knopfdruck einfach umklappen. Renault Grand Scénic. 2021 2022 renault grand scenic 2021 dimensions Renault renault grand scenic 2021 dimensions, Release Date Price Specs renault grand scenic 2021 dimensions Changes Redesign Find out features of your car or vehicle you want to buy Renault Grand Scenic 2017 Info für Reifen, Stahl- und Alufelgen. Highlights ; Reviews; GET MORE FOR LESS Supercharge your family outings with the GRAND SCÉNIC, engineered to be even more spacious than before. Das Modell kommt bei den Fahrern sehr gut an. ID : : 5ea3a160f4afb3200ef35243 - Download this file View on full screen DOCUMENT Related news. No better time than right now. e=� ˩FT9�r���*v��7�(jf�S�h�w��u]X�b� ����E�B�ׂ�}���1��/�F���~����r� Mit einem hohen Rating von dreieinhalb von fünf maximal möglichen Sternen wird der Van im Durchschnitt ausgezeichnet. Compare the technical specifications of the different Grand SCENIC versions, Build your RenaultConfigure a vehicle today, Find your vehicleLocate your nearest dealer. Simplify your everyday life, take full advantage of every moment and enjoy complete peace of mind. �+oRbT,�#k����L. Ein echtes Original: Der Grand Scenic Van der ersten Generation lief von 2004 bis 2009 vom Band. Offers. Designed to envelop your entire family in plush comfort, the Renault GRAND SCÉNIC showcases 7 contoured seats in a capacious cabin that is even more spacious than before. Entdecken Sie seine Ausstattung, Preise, Motoren und Finanzierung. With 5 seater: 533 - 718 dm 3. Renault SCENIC & Grand SCENIC Accessories Range New. Get Grand SCENIC now with €1,500 Cashback . Der Renault Grand SCENIC begeistert als 7-sitzige Kompaktvan die ganze Familie. Mercedes-Benz Vito: Neue Motorenfamilie und Pakete ab März . Car A Rac presents average sizes and weight of this car. Save today with: €1,500 Cashback + 3.9% APR^ Take advantage … Renault Grand Scenic, finden Sie die technische daten. In order to safeguard its communication, Groupe Renault certifies its contents with Wiztrust since February 20, 2020. ��`���ҡh� �C�A���H�b#�W|H�-ٱ���.��C� L x W x H: 4568 x 1821 x 1571 mm Boot capacity: 438 - 513 dm 3. Found the Renault Grand Scenic of your dreams? L x W x H: 4673 x 1843 x 1667 mm Boot capacity: 565 dm 3. Limitierte Sondermodelle des Renault Scenic vorgestellt Schon optisch sind der Renault Scenic und Grand Scenic Black Edition als Sondermodelle erkennbar. vpXm���B7� v�@���IZA�X��'��ʉ�Bu���1��-�0��&�����Sx@2��j�r[5�p�v��{����@����Q��`1z��t�A+���t���Q�f�2�Q���le6?��#)��c�D�J%�C�����#~8Ű� aA�ɺm�G��s� (�����pH��gz��c�������1��#B7F�y�%9�*lb���h ���tTK�*����PS�5��H�E�)4��[��F�A8�m�^/ލ8�G�qo�qs�M���65�c�}����g�Pڇ^TLTrv�A�|Y���z6��7�ݘ�hǒ R�6! Mit seinen sieben Sitzplätzen ist er ideal für den großen Familienausflug.