There are many benefits if you can get certified as a translator and the best way to go remains the first option. Make sure you study for the test properly because only after completing it successfully you can get your certification. It works to improve the quality of linguistic services around the globe, assist translators in their work, and awards certification to the experts who clear the relevant test. 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The translation assessment carried out by ATA will help them figure out whether you are qualified enough to be certified or not. Permanent employment will also look good on your resume. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. It is important to take the certification exam as a learning opportunity. We made a few changes and they had the final copies emailed to us the next day as PDF files with their certifications stamped. As a translator just getting started, you can expect to earn just right around $10-$15 per hour. However, what if you also managed to add Spanish to your range of offerings? Don’t just see it as a way to make more money. There is no certification in my language combination, what can I do? Will use again in the future. Once you’re fluent in a language, you’ll also want to target industry-specific terms for whatever field you’re interested in working in. While a translator may fully understand their source language and even be able to write quite well in it, writing in one’s native language is usually easier, and the text produced is usually smoother and more natural. Show more Show less. What is the fastest way to become a certified translator online? That poses a great responsibility on both us and the translation company, and over the years we have been working with a number of partners which did good at first then the quality started to drop off. Highly recommended! How it Works. The test has to be frequently taken like around every year or two years to keep your certification alive. You can get interpreter training and then appear for the certification exam to become well-known in your industry. There are many forums on the web where you can connect with senior linguistic experts and ask for their advice. Needed to have a certified translation from Polish into English for my university. They assured me there will be no problems with the translations but invited me to read them anyway. You can look them up on Google and join the one that suits your needs. Your computer skills will not be tested in the test, but you should work on them anyway. It is wonderfully organised and simple to understand. But ATA does not offer oral proficiency interview or oral examination at the moment. Really great service. If you’re working with us as a freelance translator, you only need to translate, we will take care of the certificate of accuracy and we will sign and stamp it as a company which is member of the ATA. To conclude, I'm happy I chose Universal Services for my needs, they delivered a great service I could not find anywhere else. I was happy with this. This is meant to make the translation process quicker and more efficient. You won’t be able to give an interview to explain your translation later. Perfect done. The tips will help you make sure you match the professional standards of the language industry. Very impressed for the price. To review the 'change' process for a project to ensure it allows for a second review before finalization. (dont worry even google and all of the other translators out there also mispelled it, with results that were not even close). Just to be clear, I did not end up using the service as I found another company that was friend owned who I wanted to support. Additionally, there are industry-specific certifications available, though these are often targeted at interpreters. It did not go as explained in the email and could use some improvement. Some language training services, like Cactus Language Training and ALTA Language Services, offer customized training to help meet client needs, so they might be able to customize a course to teach you more specialized vocabulary. A translator must know his/her mother tongue accurately as his/her first language and the second language is the target language. I live in Miami and badly needed translation to English from Czech for USCIS and the University of Miami. One of the many advantages of the internet is the way it connects us with each other.